The EXTREME makeover for your skin and body.

Cleanse your skin and keep away dead skin. Exfoliate to remove dead skin cells.

  • Are you tired of leaving the shower with breakouts on your back, and your skin horribly irritated?
  • Do you wonder why your excellent hygiene habits still leave you with undesirable skin results?
  • Would you be surprised to know that cleanliness and complexion have very little to do with one another?

In fact, you can be ‘too clean’, where you shower excessively and dry out your skin in the process. Or you may be consistent and adamant with your clean habits but still find that you’re breaking out.

Why is this? Well, strange as it seems, you actually can have too much of a good thing. Soap alone after a point begins to leave behind residue, giving you the opposite effect. What you need is something that will get you truly clean within your regular routine. Sponges, cloths, and cheap puffs won’t do it…

Our all natural loofah sets are designed to make your skin look new every time you get out of the bath/ shower.

Natural Loofah Bath Sponge

      With our loofah set, you’ll get :

  • Loofah Hand glove.
  • Loofah Back scrubber.
  • 2 wall hanger hooks (Drying loofah & maintenance)


  • Using the Loofah will revitalize your body and trigger the nerve cells beneath your skin.
  •  Exfoliation provided by Loofah will help you restore your cells back! Yes, it will remove all the dead skin cells to help you improve your skin and finally kick the bacteria out!
  • It will improve circulation. The friction on skin can boost blood flow. Vessels in your skin can expand when stimulated; you might have seen your hands get warmed while rubbing – a loofah has the same effect. Yes, it increases circulation to the areas that you scrub with it.
  • Cleaning your back will be super simple with our exceptionally well designed loofahs.
  • It’s time to say goodbye to acne, dry, rough skin, rashes, eczema and other skin issues. Our product is 100% reusable, and the best part is that it is strongly recommended by dermatologists and health professionals.

This 100% natural product is going to give you a youthful and more vibrant skin – fast and easy.


I'm Glad I gave it a try !

I feel Great, I feel Clean.

“One of the best products I’ve ever purchased! After using this product, my lifestyle has taken a "U" turn; I’m getting lots and lots of great compliments from everyone. This really works.” -

Did you know that the outermost skin layer, the “epidermis” naturally sheds dead skin cells? Without Exfoliation,this may turn your skin dull and ashy.

Exfoliation using the TingleBath Loofah & Back Scrubber set will help you remove all the dead skin cells, releasing fresh cells,kick bacteria out and ultimately improve your skin!

“Honestly, I’ve wasted so much time and money on useless skin cleaning programs; I was a little skeptical before making a purchase. I’m glad I gave it a try. I’ve seen a great improvement. I feel like new person… Thanks for changing my life. I know I’m well on the way to reaching my goals.” VICTORIA
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