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5 Luffa Health Benefits – Awesome Advantages

Luffa Health Benefits

Luffa is one of the plants in the family of cucurbits which are cultivated at many places worldwide. We can find it throughout America and Asia. It is also known as sponge gourd, vegetable sponge, scrubber gourd and wild vegetable sponge.
The luffa has different parts and each of them has its medical importance. Besides using the luffa to clean our bodies from dirt and dead cells, it is cooked to treat many health problems. Here are some of the health benefits of the luffa:

Luffa Health Benefits

1. Prevent Eye Ailment

Luffa is very rich in vitamin A which is highly recommended to prevent blindness. A study done by the national eye institute reported that vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, and zinc are important. Let the luffa be a part of your daily meal to reduce eye ailment.

2. Cardiovascular

To reduce the cholesterol and triglycerides which will reduce the cardiovascular diseases, we should eat luffa. It contains vitamin B5 that is important to protect your heart.

3. Prevent Diabetes

Manganese is the main component required to reduce the chance of diabetes. It enhances the secretion of insulin which reduces the lipid peroxidation and so prevents diabetes.

4. Skin Health

Luffa contains a high amount of vitamin C which helps to reduce the dryness of skin and slow down its aging. It is also great to produce protein and blood and this is important in wounds healing.

5. Reduce Arthritis

Copper is an anti-inflammatory vitamin and it soothes the pain related to arthritis. It is essential for the muscles strength and repair.

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