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Loofah Vs Pouf

Loofah Vs Pouf

The shower stall is one of the places where you can find relaxation and a private time in the middle of a long busy day. So you should choose the best products that will help you to get your own special space. One of the products you would need is something to exfoliate and scrub your body to get rid of dead cells. Use the natural Loofah or the synthetic poufs? That’s what we will discuss here.

The Natural Loofah

This one is completely natural; it is a part of a plant which is a member of the cucurbit family. This plant part is very fibrous and that’s why we can use it to clean our bodies. Also, the natural Loofah is harder than the synthetic poufs and this makes it better to exfoliate the skin.

In spite of being a good environment for bacteria, the natural Loofah could be sanitized easily. Just soak your Loofah in a solution of water and bleach for an hour. Dry your Loofah well outside the bathroom and sanitize it once a week and you can use it safely for one month or more.

The Synthetic Pouf

It is made of synthetic mesh panels strapped together from the middle forming a ball. This colored product is available at most of the supermarkets in different sizes and it is very cheap. The synthetic pouf is softer and less irritating than Loofah so it is great for people who have sensitive skin. Doctors reported that synthetic poufs are not very healthy and should be changed every three weeks.

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