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Washcloth VS Loofah

Washcloth VS Loofah

 People all over the world are still arguing how they should take their shower; using the loofah or the washcloth. Actually, the way you can use to clean your own body is not a rule you should follow. Each method has positives and negatives, ask for them before choosing the proper one.


If you have a washcloth with a good texture, it will provide you with gentle exfoliation. Due to your ability to control the pressure easily, it is very good for those who have sensitive skin. Also, a washcloth is a low-cost method and you can use any type of cleanser to get a gentle physical scrub.

Sometimes, washcloth becomes the perfect environment for bacteria and mold to grow. The reason simply is when you clean your body with it, dirt and dead cells hide inside the fibers creating a lot of germs. Pink eyes and staph infection are caused when the washcloth is shared.


This piece is a bit harder than a washcloth and so it is very good at the body scrub and exfoliation. Especially when your skin is dry and flaky, the loofah is the best recommendation for you. Rubbing your body using this natural tool enhances the body circulation and help pores to get rid of its excess oil and other impurities.

The problem is that loofah can retain bacteria, germs, mold, and yeast inside itself because of its structure. You should never share your loofah with anybody and also change it every three weeks to avoid any infection.


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