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What Is A Luffa ?

What Is A Luffa

Luffa is a type of tropical cucumber; it is one of its family’s members.  It is found in India, China, Vietnam, Egypt, and other countries. This special name “luffa” was taken by the European botanists in the 17th century from the Egyptian Arabic name “loof”.

These species of fruit is cultivated in more than one place and it is used as a cleaning tool but also it is eaten. To be edible, this amazing plant should be harvested at a young stage. This vegetable is widespread as an essential part of the daily meals; in India, Vietnam and China. Like the well-known cucumber, it is added to some tomato, green chili, and coriander.

Everybody in those places thinks that it is one of the fussiest and the tastiest vegetable appetizing, especially for kids. As a salad or with plain cooked rice, it is a good food for many people.

So if this plant is used as a kind of food, how some people clean their bodies with it? Actually, the totally developed fruit is the used luffa. This sponge is used in bathrooms and kitchens for scrubbing and cleaning. It needs about 150-200 days in a warm weather to mature.

Sometimes the fruit is left to ripe totally and then dried on the vine, this process lets the flesh disappears and the fibrous skeleton becomes ready to be used. The seeds can be easily removed to be planted once more.

There is one more use for this magical plant; in Paraguay, luffa is combined with other recycled plastic and vegetable matters to be used in making furniture and construct houses.



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