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What To Use Instead Of A Loofah

What To Use Instead Of A Loofah

If you use the loofah for bathing, it is about time to know a little info about it.

The loofah is extracted from plants in tropical forests used to peel the dead skin during bathing, but loofas are considered a place for bacterial growth. It can host and transport germs and microbes that cause diseases in humans, says one of the professors in the microbiological department. The loofah is healthy only at the beginning of the extraction. After that, it turns into a bacterium to transfer diseases. When the fiber is wet and not properly dried, the organisms grow on it and are spread elsewhere as time goes by. There is no doubt that the rough loofah may cause itching of and can cause infections or irritations to the sensitive skin.


What To Use Instead Of A Loofah

  • Brick body

It is a wonderful alternative to the loofah, a small stone of special type is embedded with a piece of soap and used to foam the body. This is usually a non-toxic foam extracted from plants, it removes dirt and resists the growth of bacteria and is available in some scents such as saffron and musk and some other herbs may be added for extra benefits.


  • Bath towels

Bath towels can also be used for gentle peeling as a very good alternative to the loofah depending on the texture. It can be controlled, pressed and concentrated on certain places such as knees and elbows. It is a gentle alternative for a sensitive skin and is considered a low-cost option as well.


  • Sponge

The sponge can be used to exfoliate the skin as an alternative to the loofah, because it is easy to use and very soft on the skin, especially sensitive skin.


  • Hands

You can simply use your hands to exfoliate and remove the dead skin. And this is a very suitable method for  people with sensitive skin or those whose skin gets irritated easily. you get a gentle and mild cleaning on the skin.

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